2021 Recap

Thanks Monn for reminding me I have a blog too. 😂

Counted pa naman ‘to since hindi pa tayo ready lahat mag-2022 ‘di ba? Haha

I went into 2021 not knowing there would be significant changes in my life. I set my expectations low, given that we are still in a pandemic.

But one night in our apartment in Quezon City, we tried this scent in our humidifier called White Tea and Ginger from Mia Maison. Kix smelled nostalgia from his many trips to Adelaide. After toying with the idea for years, we decided that night we wanted to migrate to Australia.

Kix in Adelaide, SA (2019)

Conveniently, we found that it’s the best excuse to get married already. So the same night, we got engaged. And a month later would be our intimate church wedding with nine loved ones in attendance.

After our intimate wedding last March 27, 2021

I moved to Pampanga with Kix’s family, and we left our apartment in QC to save money for my tuition. Our plan was that I would apply for a student visa, and Kix would be my dependent. I applied and got accepted into three universities.

I also got 15% and 20% scholarships in two universities.

But this is not a “we are migrating” announcement. We ultimately decided not to push through due to the uncertainties of this pandemic. We want to see our parents as often as possible, and the indefinite AU border restrictions would make that difficult. Plus, Leni running for president made me hopeful for a better future in the Philippines. #LeniKiko2022

We instead bought a car that could fit our family of six here in Candaba with the money that we saved.

Other highlights of 2021:

  • Finally learned crochet and knitting!!!
  • Dabbled in some watercolor painting, too
  • Was a bridesmaid at Marion & Jake’s wedding
  • Got promoted to Analyst
  • Covid-19 vaccinated
  • Bought a bike (my first ever without training wheels as far as I know)
  • Felt my best physically
  • Failed at baking sourdough bread once and have not tried again since
  • Dad fixed an old sewing machine for me and I did some alterations
  • Baked cakes and egg tarts a few times
  • Played co-op games with Kix and his siblings (which I wasn’t able to do with my siblings when I was a kid because we only had 1 PC)
  • Created a new Youtube channel and also uploaded videos on Tiktok and IG reels
  • Continued taking Nihongo classes and did language exchange sessions with native speakers

What was your 2021 plan that did not push through but was relieved that it didn’t? Comment below or share anonymously and we might discuss it in our next Yaaan! episode.

Here’s a video version of my 2021.

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