Birth Story in Photos

December 27, 2022

TGI Friday’s – 12:00

Tuesday afternoons usually ang appointments namin sa OB. Nagla-lunch muna kami somewhere bago pumunta sa clinic. This time, sa TGI Friday’s namin naisipan kumain. Last time na kumain kami rito, hindi namin nagustuhan yung in-order namin tapos sumakit pa tyan ko. Pero swerte nung araw na ‘to, sobrang na-enjoy namin yung food.

Steak for Kix, seafood marinara for me

Clinic – 14:30

Regular check up lang supposedly pero this it na pala. 37 weeks & 2 days pregnant na ako nun kaya nakaready na hospital bags namin sa sasakyan. Pero nung sinabi ni doc na isi-CS na ako today or tomorrow, shookt pa rin kami. Nanginginig na ako sa kaba.

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2021 Recap

Thanks Monn for reminding me I have a blog too. 😂

Counted pa naman ‘to since hindi pa tayo ready lahat mag-2022 ‘di ba? Haha

I went into 2021 not knowing there would be significant changes in my life. I set my expectations low, given that we are still in a pandemic.

But one night in our apartment in Quezon City, we tried this scent in our humidifier called White Tea and Ginger from Mia Maison. Kix smelled nostalgia from his many trips to Adelaide. After toying with the idea for years, we decided that night we wanted to migrate to Australia.

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2020 Year-End Review

I’m glad I got to get out of the house for the first quarter of the year more than I used to do. But this blog is about what I did for the rest of the year during the lockdown.

TV Shows

Everyone’s first instinct when thinking of what to do in a lockdown was probably to binge some shows. I started with K-Dramas—Crashing Landing on You, Itaewon Class, and What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim. My favorite though is Reply 1988. Its ending is as justified as How I Met Your Mother’s.

And, I can now finally understand The Office References after finishing the whole series in a month. I also started Parks and Rec but haven’t continued it yet after getting distracted by Reply 1988.


Kix has been recommending Stardew Valley to me for some time, and I found the great opportunity to start in March. I got reminded about it because it got mentioned by my colleagues at work. Unsurprisingly, I easily got obsessed with the game. I played it a lot until I got tired of it.

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