Traveling to Egypt

It still feels surreal that I was able to travel to Egypt early this year, considering what’s happening now. One time, it dawned on me that we could have been stuck there for months, but luckily we were able to go home before travel bans happened. I was supposed to blog this experience right after the trip, but it just didn’t feel right, might be insensitive and all. But considering we won’t know when we will be traveling again, I might as well write my experiences here, at least those I can still remember.

We scored piso seats to Dubai back on March 3, 2019. Travel bloggers attested that it’s the cheapest way to go to Europe/Africa. I agree, but I wouldn’t mind paying extra for comfort next time. It was my first time riding a long-haul flight with a low-cost airline, and hopefully, I’ll have enough money next time for it to be the last. We also didn’t buy in-flight meals and instead bought from Kenny Rogers right before boarding.

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Egypt Tourist Visa Application for Filipinos (2019)

Ever since I found out that I was born in Egypt, it has been my lifelong dream to go back and get to know the country. Forward to 25 years after, I am finally closer to that dream!

I looked everywhere to research for this trip, and sadly, there is only a handful of Egypt experiences by Filipinos online. (I usually refer to Julio’s blog in planning this trip.) Because of this, I am documenting my own experience so that travelers after me can have more resources to rely on.

In this post, I’ll walk you through how I applied for our tourist visas (Yes, I am not exempted, unfortunately. 😂).

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